Calumet Deluxepipe Tasa Maple

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Handcrafted from maplewood
Use with standard activated carbon filters
100 % wood product treated with linseed oil only
incl. a noble wooden box with stand
Size: M 18cm



The Calumet Deluxepipe raises smoking to cult status.
Each of our Deluxepipes gets its unique character from the wood’s natural grain structure as well as its hand-made shape with a fine surface finish.

The Calumet 3-piece-system enables thorough and easy cleaning. The flute is protected from dirt by the activated carbon filter. All commercially available activated carbon filters (8 mm) fit into the integrated filter chamber. Flute, neck, and bowl can be detached from each other to facilitate easy access to all parts for cleaning. With regular cleaning, every Calumet Deluxepipe can be smoked practically indefinitely, even in continuous use.

Inspired by the style of traditional pipes, the diversity of shapes, sizes and types of wood adds a high degree of customisation. With its integrated chamber for activated carbon filters, and the robust but also elegant construction, our pipes are designed to meet the requirements of modern pipe smokers. The Calumet Deluxepipe is a highlight for every connoisseur of natural consumption.