Calumet MIKRO ROCKET purpleheart

• MIKRO ROCKET – the world’s smallest Spiritpipe
• made of purpleheart wood
• 100 % made in Germany!
• 100 % wood product treated with linseed oil only
• Use with standard activated carbon filters
• Incl. hanging sieve Ø 12 mm, activated carbon filter
and metal box for safe storage

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Calumet’s MIKRO ROCKET with our narrow style mouthpiece.
The world’s smallest Spiritpipe! With an overall length of 72 mm and a diameter of 18mm it’s only about the size of a thumb. The MIKRO ROCKET accepts standard 8 mm activated charcoal filters, allowing for an even more pleasant smoking experience.
We use a friction fit three-piece-system for easy disassembly and cleaning on all of our pipes. They are manufactured in our workshop in Germany and undergo an in-depth inspection before dispatch. Your pipe will come delivered in a black metal box (80×60×20 mm) with our company emblem laser engraved into the lid.

Technical details


Brand: Calumet Spiritpipes
Weight: ca. 35 g
Dimensions: (Standard): 6,5 × 1,8 × 1,8 cm
Dimensions:(narrow): 7,2 × 1,8 × 1,8 cm
Type of wood: Purpleheart
Kick hole: 8 mm

Zusätzliche Informationen

Gewicht 34 kg
Größe 6.5 × 1.8 × 1.8 cm


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