Calumet MINI ROCKET Amaranth

• The big sister of our MIKRO ROCKET
• Made from amaranth wood
• 100% made in Germany!
• 100% wood product treated with linseed oil only
• Use with standard activated carbon filters
• Including hanging sieve Ø12mm, activated carbon filter and metal box for safe storage

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Technische Details

With a total length of 93 mm and a diameter of 18 mm, the MINI ROCKET fits in any trouser pocket. The activated carbon filter makes smoking a clean pleasure. The MINI ROCKET is based on our 3-connector system and is made of 100% wood. It is made in our workshop in Germany and each copy is checked by us before shipping. We supply a practical metal box as standard for storage.

Brand: Calumet
Item Weight: ca. 40 g
Dimensions 9,3 × 1,8 × 1,8 cm
Dimensions box: 8 × 6 × 2 cm
Kickhole: 8 mm
Fire seal: Calumet


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